PairSoft Support Portal – User Guide


Welcome to our new destination for PairSoft Customer Support, serving all products part of the PairSoft family: PaperSave, Docupeak, WorkPlace and Automation For Gifts. Powered by FreshDesk, a modern helpdesk software, our new PairSoft Support Portal is designed specifically to provide you with a superior customer support experience. It offers you full access to our knowledge base, provides easy access your case history or facilitates ticket submission within seconds, while still capturing critical information required by the Support Team to drive fast resolution.



Logging in for the first time

If you owned an active account in our previous support portals, you should have received a welcome email to our new portal (

  1. Access your mailbox and open the email with the subject line Pairsoft Support user activation.
    Note: Depending on your company’s security settings, the email might land in your Spam/Junk folders. Please ensure your filtering rules are adjusted to accept emails from
  2. The email contains an activation link which will allow you to setup your password for the new portal.

If you cannot locate the activation email or experience any difficulties accessing our Support Portal, please call the usual support phone lines.


Home screen navigation

As you log into the Pairsoft Support Portal you will be presented with the following home page:

The home page includes:

  • Top navigation:
    1. Edit profile link, which allows you to change your personal details.
    2. Sign out option.
    3. Quick links to the Home screen, Solutions (knowledge base) section and Tickets section.
  • Search box, allowing you to quickly find articles from our knowledge base that would help you resolve most common issues.
  • The PairSoft Support Portal dashboard containing set of tiles split in three sections:
    1. Visit our knowledge base – direct link to our PairSoft products knowledge base.
    2. Create a new ticket – jump point to ticket creation for the product selected.
    3. Check on a ticket – used to view tickets submitted by your organization.

Create a new support ticket

You can initiate the submission of a new support ticket by clicking on the product specific tiles under the Create a new ticket section.
This will take you to the Submit a ticket form, which includes several required fields that will help us understand your issue quickly and thoroughly, such as:

  • Priority – the impact this issue has on your business.
  • Ticket type – the nature of your ticket.
  • Product – defaulted to the product selected.   
  • Function – product functionality for which you are initiating a support request.
  • Version – the version of the PairSoft product you need help with.
  • Deployment method ­­– clarify if your request is for the Cloud or On-Prem version of the product.
  • Subject – a quick overview of your issue.
    Note: Once you complete filling in the ticket subject and move out of the text box, our Support Portal will automatically suggest related articles from our knowledge base that may be helpful, presented in the Related articles… section. With more and more articles created every day by our team, you might quickly find the solution for your request and gain valuable time. 
  • Description – a detailed description of your issue.
    Note: If replication steps are applicable, please include these as part of the description, as this will help speed up the resolution process and reduce the number of iterations on the ticket. You can also include in-line images (screenshots) relevant to your request.
  • Attach a file (optional) – allows the uploading of any relevant attachments, such as: logs, screenshots, videos, documents. The maximum attachment limit size is 20 MB, if you require to upload larger files please reach out to our support team for alternatives.
  • Requester – automatically filled in with your user id (email address).
    Note: For partner accounts there will be an additional option which allows to select for which company the ticket is being raised. 

View existing support tickets

To view your support tickets from the Home screen you can either click on the Check ticket status tile under the Check on a ticket section, or go to Tickets from the top navigation bar.

In the left column you can find the ticket subject, number, creation date, assigned agent (if any), while in the right column the corresponding ticket status is displayed.

To view all details of a particular ticket, click on the Subject line.

There are numerous filtering and sorting options, meant to improve your experience with the portal, that will be saved as personal preferences for your future portal navigation (continued on next page):

  • Select which group of tickets to display, by Status:

  • Various sorting options:

  • Select if you would like to display only tickets created by you, by everyone in your organization or by a specific member of your organization:

Note: Depending on your preference we can either enable everyone from within your organization to have visibility over all cases or restrict visibility only to the ticket creator or anyone CC’d on the ticket.

  • Partners raising tickets on behalf of multiple organizations can also filter by company:


The portal also provides you the option to export tickets in CSV or Excel format, allowing you to select the time range and the fields to be exported.


Updating tickets

You can update tickets using the below two methods:

  • Via the Support Portal, from the Tickets section. Once you open a particular ticket for review, on the bottom of the conversation trail you can add a new reply to the ticket.
    Using the portal is the recommended method, as it allows you to clearly see the previous messages to and from our support team, view comment level associated attachments and other ticket properties.
     Reviewing tickets inside our portal also allows you to directly mark them as Closed, if the provided solution proved successful, or if you would like to cancel a request.

  • Via email. While you do need to log into the portal to create a ticket, once a ticket has been created it will generate an email thread that can be used to receive or provide updates. All comments or messages on the email thread will be added to the ticket automatically. 


Request portal credentials for other team members

Requests to add a new contact for your organization must be submitted by an existing organization member via a support ticket. For security reasons, all new users that use the sign-up form will not be associated with an organization by default.

Forgot password

To reset your password go to the login page, click on Forgot your password?, enter the email address associated with your account and click Reset my password. You will receive an email with the password reset instructions.